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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
The McCormick Advantage

McCormick can improve your operations, not only because we offer complete solutions that start with great products, but also because of the support of our experienced people.

Our salespeople understand the realities of loading docks and storage environments. When we sit down with you to assess your needs, we bring years of experience in the products we sell and the ability to troubleshoot and optimize systems. In addition, we strive to bring our clients the latest in product evolution & technology to keep up with the demands of today's world.

Our sales team is supported by installation and service professionals that are fully trained and certified, fully insured and bonded, and fully prepared to do the job right, the first time.

Where Quality and Service Meet

Introducing The Polar Blade!

Remove Ice & Snow from Trailers - quickly, easily, & efficiently!

No longer is ice and snow removal on trailer tops difficult. The Polar Blade allows Truck operators to easily remove snow & ice with a touch-free solution - just like driving through a car wash!

  • Reduces liability & improves road safety
  • Increases productivity & lowers labor costs
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Minimizes overweight charges
  • Complies with snow removal laws & regulations
  • Removes up to 20" of packed snow & only takes 48 seconds!
  • Enhances YOUR corporate image on the roads

The Polar Blade - just drive through! Contact us today for more information.